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Making Money

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Of course, a big question is always "How do I make money?" Powerbucks are extremly easy to earn on Power Pets. If you work hard, you should make your riches in no time. There are many books that have tips on making powerbucks, but here I'll tell you everything you need to know for free!


Free. That's one of my favorite words. Luckily, there are quite a few places where you can get free stuff on the site.

First off, Padams Shack. Found in North New Barkston, you can visit there every three hours. You will get a random item (either a job card, a piece of armor, or a ticket for the ticketbooth) and some powerbucks. Sometimes you'll get quite a bit of powerbucks, and other times you won't get as much. I saw someone once post of the boards that they only got 2 powerbucks! Chances are, though, that you'll get more than that.

Next visit, the Northern Woods. Also found in North New Barkston, you can go here every three hours for a piece of slime. Hold on now, don't throw it away! Slime is actually good! There are three different types of slime, Radioactive Slime, Super Radioactive Slime, and Ultra Radioactive Slime. You can either feed the slime to your pet to increase its strength, put it in the slime compactor, sell it in your shop, or put it in the swaps. In the slime compactor, you'll get 250 bucks, 1,000 bucks, or 2,500 bucks, depending on which slime you put in. By visiting the woods as often as you can, you can make some bucks pretty fast.

Fianlly, try visiting the General Chat board. I'm NOT saying that you should ask for freebies, you'll just sound annoying. What I am saying is that very often there are people holding contests on the boards. By simply answering some easy questions, you may be able to win some great prizes!

There are also random freebies. There is no way you can make these come up, it's all random. You may find some powerbucks, a free toy, a scratchcard, or many other items as well.

Earning the $

OK, now you know how you can get free stuff. But in order to become rich, you'll need to earn most of it. Don't worry, it's not hard. There are many different ways to make money, and all fairly easy.

Probably the way that gives you the biggest payback is your shop. It costs money to open it up, but is definatly worth it in the long run. Here you can put slime if you want to sell it, or any other items you want to sell. The best way to get items for your shop is to buy them from the Power Mall, located in East New Barkston. Go there, then choose which section of the store you'd like to go to. There's the Weapons Store, Simply Delicious, The Playpen, Hardware, Mister Medic, All things Stuffed, and Hydration Station. You can pretty much tell by the names what each section sells. Almost all the items you buy from the mall, you can sell in your shop for a profit. The weapons and toys usually sell the fastest, followed by the food. You have to be fast to get good items, but it's worth it.

If you don't have a fast internet connection, then I'd suggest trying the book stores. There are two in East New Barkston, one in Xiang Chung-Shi, and one in Kimberroo. They almost always have lots of books in them to buy. The more books, the better your chances of buying some! I personally like selling books better. You can make a profit on most of them when you sell them in your shop, and you may buy a book that you can sell for a huge profit!

Got your shop stocked up? Good. Now it's time to look through fellow users shops. Occasionally you can find a really good deal in someones shop, I once found a Bark Puzzle Piece for only 50 bucks! Also look at the shop board to find deals. However, sometimes people will be advertising a "real bargain", and they're really totally ripping you off. So always check prices in other shops before you buy.


Originally books were made into items that could then be put on the bookshelf and read. Though these books are still available and sold in shops, for now on all new books will be accessable from the Library. You must be an official citizen of a city which has bought the Writers Corner benefit in order to submit a story.

Your story must be related to Power Pets in some way. Users now have the option of working on their story in the Writer's Corner (in the Lilbrary) and saving it on Power Pets to return to later. However, if the story is not worked on for a month it will be removed. Once you have completed your story you can submit it.

After you submit your story, it goes to be edited and reviewed. During this process you will be notified by powermail which steps your book has completed. If your story contains many errors it is more likely to be rejected, so for the sake of the reviewers, please at least use a spell checker before you submit, and perhaps even have a friend read through it and give you feedback.

If your story is accepted 2000 powerbucks will be added to your city's treasury. I do not know yet if writers also recieve an initial payment for being accepted like in the past, but writers will recieve 5 pb commision every time someone reads their story. It may not seem like much, but it can add up fast!


Refering new members to Power Pets earns you 2 bucks for every 10 minutes the person you refered plays on Power Pets. It may not seem like a lot, but added up it can earn you a nice ammount of powerbucks, especially if they become addicted. To refer someone, just give them your special link, that can be found in the refferal center in the bureau. The more you refer, the more you make!

Poll Booth

Found in Xiang. Vote on a poll, recieve money back. Need I say more?

Job Agency

Found in East New Barkston, you can go here to get jobs to earn money. But to get a job, you must have a Job Agency Power Card. Sometimes, you may get one from Padams Shack, or if you're lucky Gekkie will pop up and hand you one. Or, you may need to get one from another user through swaps or their shop. Once you have a card, you go to the Agancy and select which job you want. You will then be given a list of items that you must go buy. You buy the items, then return within the time limit. Then you will recieve some power bucks and an item. For every 10 jobs you complete, you move up a level. When you move up, the job items to find become more expensive, but the reward gets better and better.

The Bank

Yes, you put all your money in here once you make it, but did you know it can make even more money for you? Here are the different options, and when to use them.

Short Term
If you're constantly using your money, then this is the option for you. You have access to your money at all times, and you can cash out interest daily. The ammount of interest you recieve depends on how much money you have in the bank.

Long Term
Better when you have a lot of money that you won't need for a while. Just select the ammount of money (minimum $100,000), and how long you want to lock it in for. The longer you lock it in for, the more interest you'll recieve. Once the lock in time is over, leave in your money, and it'll keep growing at a faster wait. Besides earning you more money, this also protects your bucks if a scammer gets into your account. If they try to release the bond, it takes 72 hours before you can actually get the money, giving you plenty of time to change your password.

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