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Powerpet People

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Minis are very special friends for PowerPets, and will be loyal companions to them. There is much speculation as to where the first Minis came from. Scientists believe that abandoned and runaway pets were used in experiments, which brought about certain changes in their genetic structure. These Minis were often used in the Fighting Ring to aid their companion Pets.

After some time, the Minis laid Eggs, and what hatched from these were totally new breeds of Mini. These Minis are too young yet to be used in battles, but no one really knows what the future holds. For now, they are very loving and playful friends to Power Pets, and those Pets who have one is much happier for their companionship.

The care of Minis is very simple. They require no extra food or toys, as they share the Pet's food that they live with, and play only with them. As long as the Pets are not neglected, Minis are very loyal. But if an owner is neglecting the Pet, a Mini is very likely to run away out of sadness, and never return.
(From Kyla's Chronicles)
Read more about
Mini City.

Want to hatch an egg?
 Read about hatching an Evolutions Egg by clicking


Its official, you have selected the Evolutions page. To get a Mini you must solve the Evolutions mystery! Well to get some clues, go to East New Barkston, and click on the big blue egg with the sign Evolutions under it.

Phase I
There is a secret room in the library, can you find it? Once you find the secret room you will need to do The Librarian quest.
Phase II
Find This Mysterious Dark Guardian and have ALL 11 Barkston Pet Pedias. Quest information can be found here.
Phase III
You Have To Have All 12 Evolutions Puzzle Pieces, 1-12, Then go to the Rickshaw Driver in East New Barkston, and for 1,000 pb he will bring you to your egg, and which egg you get is totally random.
Phase IV
Hatch The Egg! To see what breed you get, go in the Evolutions House, then click on Click to enter Evolutions Incubator Building, then look up the breed. To see your minis picture: click here

To hatch the mini you will need 10,000 power bucks on-hand, and go back to East New Barkston in the Evolutions House, and back to the place where you see your minis breed. Click on your egg, and it will go to the incubator.
When You Have Your Egg In:
 Now each day (every 22 hours) the egg will need an item a day, 5 items. You can predict some items the incubator will need. There is a number of minutes at the bottom of the incubator page, when this time runs out, it asks for an item. but if you cannot get to power pets, don’t worry, you have 14 hours to get the item.
The Items Are:
 Incubator Battery,
 Heating Light Bulb,
 Small Blanket,
 A Random Toy, And
 A Random Piece Of Food.

Phase V
Now you must get to the Mini City, To get there you will need to pass the diving school, here. You will need the Night Stone to enter Mini City. There are many things to do for your mini at the Mini City, such as bathing, armoring and even buying them.

Tired of being experimented on and captured, the minis fled to the most inaccessible area of New Barkston, where they planned out and worked on building an entire city of their own.
Welcome to Mini City!

Mini City is a hidden city which you need the Night Stone to enter. To get the night stone you must beat the diving school game. The diving school is located in North New Barkston. Once you have obtained the Night Stone, choose to visit the Mountain Trail. You’ll then be given access to Mini City.

Location: America
Mascot: [Unknown] Suspect: Dark Guardian
  To get to Mini City you need the night  Stone follow the diving school here.

Places to Visit and Interests

Bath House:

Here at the bath house you can change your mini’s color. First, you need is a mini cream rinse. The mini rinse must be in your on-hand items. Next, select the color for your mini using the drop bar. Finally, click on “Bathe” to bathe your selected mini.
Slime Purifier:
The Slime Purifier is slightly different from the Slime Compactor that is located in North New Barkston. The Slime Purifier lets you combine several slimes and a piece of firewood to produce a stronger slime. Purified slimes are mostly slimes for pets that
Mini Trade:
In the Mini Trade area you can trade your minis. You can sell your mini here, or you can purchase any type of mini that is for sale. The lowest you can sell a mini for is 250,000 PB. Another great thing about the Mini Trade is that you can see all the different mini color combinations.

Places to Visit and Interests

Mini Armor:

Before you equip armor on to your mini you need basic armor, these sell in NRH for 2,500kbs. After equiping basic armor you can now equip Empty Plastic Bottle or Empty Aluminum Can.
Mini Egg Color
Alvac Yellow
Sweygar Red
Thiglea Green
Caeprin Blue 
Unigon Purple
Komor Orange
Sloprook Pink
KinA4 Aqua
FLEJ26 Brown
Mutarat Emerald
Melf Ruby
Ligon Sapphire
Sugarus Gold
Stoateer White
Serpant Lime

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