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Powerpet People

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The Power Temple is only for the Elite of PowerPets. To become elite you only need to complete a list of requirements.

The requirements are:
- Complete at least 50 jobs in the Job Agency successfully.
- Own one pet with minimum of 100 armor.
- Own one shop, size 100 or higher.
- Read all the Elder scrolls, so you know the entire History.
- Own one mini.
- Have an active savings account with a $25,000 minimum balance
- Vote at least once for a poll in the Poll Booth
- All your pets need to be in good health and happy

A Guide to Become Elite

The requirements are a feat in themselves, but many of them are very easy to accomplish. First I would suggest you vote in a poll in Xiang Chung Shi, you also get paid when you vote so that is a bonus. Without even knowing it, you are already taking care of a pet. The easiest way to make 25,000pbs without restocking is playing games (guide here). A quick side note you can make almost 386k a day on games. Once you have 25,000pbs you can put that in your savings account (NBIC Bank). Go to the Power Temple after you have completed these tasks, Talk to Grandpa Gekkie and he will give you a quest in which  you will receive Elder Scrolls, there are 7 of them to collect, put them in your bookshelf and read and rate them. Now the hard stuff begins.

Creating a shop with the size 100 is easy and does not take much cash if you find the right zone for the shop. Personally I would go with a low tax rate instead of a cheap high tax rate, you will thank me later. Hopefully you have been going to Padam’s shack and getting armor and training. If not then now is the time to start, getting your pet to 100 armor is costly and very time consuming. Prices raise each time your pet enters a new armor level, but thank fully you will only raise 2-3 armor levels to 100 armor. As you train your pet you can either A – Start the Dark Guardian Quests or B – Complete 50 jobs. 50 jobs can be just like armoring every day a couple of times a day, job cards can run up to 15,000 a piece so be aware of the prices you pay. The Dark Guardian Quests are pretty easy and the cheapest way to get the evolutions egg, rather than just buying it from swaps.
Click Here for more help on quests. Remember that your pet needs 100 total armor and not 100 armor on each (leather, steel, titanium, diamond).  If you like even stats then put 25 armor on each stat. If you do 100 leather strips then that would be the cheapest.

Once you complete this list you can enter the temple, once in side you can do three things: Enter Temple Tokens ( you get these from gekkies greed  )  Buy Sacred Items and Buy Sacred Boosters. The Sacred items are very rare and very deadly in the arena, there has also been stuffys in there but that is now retired. Just what weapons are in the temple?? A new room has opened in the temple the Sacred Booster room. Just what is inside it? You need to be elite to find out.

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