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Powerpet People
Getting the Stones!

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You have probably heard of the stones and that is a good start. Your quest is to find the stones and the golden key, currently only a few stones are out.

Description and Difficulty (Rated on 1-10, 10 being the hardest)

Light Stone
The first stone is found at the temple (after becoming elite) for  Power Temple Tokens. This is an easy task to accomplish. The only real challenges is buying the Power Temple Tokens, and Becoming elite.
Difficulty: 4-6/10

Night Stone
The second stone is found at the diving school which is a bit hard if you are not very good at games.
Difficulty: 4-8/10 (depending if you are really  good (4) or bad (8) at strategy games)

Sapphire Stone
The third stone is one that will take more time than becoming elite, and it will cost a lot but not as much as becoming elite. You will need to pass 300 complete jobs or 1 job cycle.
Difficulty: 7/10

Ruby Stone
To get the Ruby Stone, you will need to pass Padam's Quest at BarkChem. This quest asks for items that can be high in price even unbuyable. You can only do one quest a day and you have 1 hour to bring back the item he asks. You get no reward if you bring the item, but if you fail you are sent back to level 0 and are given a item. There are 60 levels to the quest, and they each get harder as you progress.
Difficulty: 5-7/10

Emerald Stone
Difficulty: ???

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