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Powerpet People
Power Federation

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Are you interested in buying land in one of the cities of Power Pets? Well first you will need a Land Deed. They restock in NRH for 225 Kangabucks. You can get these Kangabucks from the Creepy Caves quest after completing a Bark Puzzle Map. You can also buy them from swaps for a cheap price.

The Power Federation
This is the part of Power Pets that is more geared toward fun while the main part of Power Pets is all about educating the public about animals, safety, etc. All the cities offer pretty much the same benefit but it is all about cost and which city best suits you. By cost if you can only afford one land deed then a city with one land deed would best suit you not a city with 4 land deed houses. Joining a city is very easy, you go under details of the city and click join.  Each Wednesday you will need to pay a property tax which is set up each week at a set amount. Tax is: Deed Amount x Property Tax
The Cities
Currently the only cities are
Labrador City
Pony City
Collie City
Sheepdog City
Kuvasz City
Dolphin City
Why join a city?
Cities offer many different benefits, including, Cheap Armoring, Power Boards, Cheaper Vet visits, Swap Barn becoming cheaper.
For now you can only buy land and sell land.
Running for Mayor
The power federation offers the citizens of its city to run for mayor each month. The Power Federations FAQ explains all the mayor rules.

How to apply for Mayor?

  • Any official citizen can apply for Mayor. 
  • The application cost is $50,000 PB. 
  • Anyone showing the right attitude and dedication will likely be accepted.
  • Minors need parental consent (Pmail ability) to be able to apply. 
  • Mayor Applicants are closely monitored for any rule violations during their pre-application and while they are Mayor.


  • Between the 7th and 14th day of the month you can enter your application.
  • Those who applied will receive a notification before the 16th of the month
  • For those who had their application accepted, they will have until the 21st to set up their campaign page.
  • From the 22nd until the end of the month, citizens will be able to vote for their favorite applicant.

What does the Mayor do?
It is the mayor's job to oversee and run the city. They have the responsibility of making sure that taxes are set, districts are created, benefits are paid for, and the city treasury is not empty. They need to do this in a manner that pleases the citizens.
A more important task is to find ways to make the city successful and uphold property value.

Setting up districts
Each city has "districts" where players can buy property. To set up a district, first choose a name for that district. Once a name is chosen, click on [Add District] and take a look at the different options. 
Districts can be made with properties requiring 1,2,4,8,20, or 50 land deeds each. Remember though, the larger the properties (more land deeds it takes to purchase), the more it will cost the city to create that district. For example, a district of 200, 1 land deed lots will cost the city 40,000 pb to create that district, while 4, 50 land deed lots will cost the city 250,000 pb to create. 

Once you decide which type of district will benefit your city the most, click on the radio button for that type of district, type in the name of the district, and click [Submit].

Keep in mind the direction of the city, what your citizens want, and what your city can afford to create.
Making districts too expensive, too inexpensive, or simply creating too many districts can bring down overall property value.

At the start of each week, the mayor has a choice to raise or lower the taxes for the city. The mayor can only raise the taxes up to 500pb each week. Remember, if you raise the taxes too much, your citizens will not be happy. If you lower the taxes too much, your city treasury will not be able to afford benefits, services or new districts when they are needed. 

The tax rate you choose should closely reflect the benefits or services the city offers. It should not be raised purely to create a rich city, but to reflect an amount that will support the benefits and services you want your city to offer the citizens.

Citizen Benefits
Mayors are given an option to offer benefits to the citizens of their city. They have the responsibility of choosing how much benefit will be given to the citizens and how much the city will receive back at the end of each month. The more the citizens save, the less the city will get back. However, the choice needs to be made by what the citizens want, what you would like to offer, and what the city can afford.

Each benefit will cost the city a set monthly fee. This fee is recovered in one of two ways. Taxes can cover all or part of the fee, or you can choose to set an amount that the benefit is decreased for each citizen (deductible). This decrease is paid back to the city at the end of each month. 

City Services
Services will offer a "benefit" to the cities citizens, or to the city itself. However services do not return any direct profit to the city. An example is the City Notice Board. While there is no direct return, these notices can help draw attention to the city and create more new citizens.

City Description 
This is a place for the Mayor to tell citizens of the city or players looking to join a city, what the focus of the city is. 

Keeping Citizens Happy
It is the Mayor's job to keep the citizens of the city happy. Raising taxes too high or offering too few benefits can cause unhappy citizens that will eventually sell their property and leave for another city. As time goes on, more benefits and services will be added. It will be quite a job to juggle these options and make sure the city offers the greatest amount of benefits for the least amount of taxes within the focus of the city.

The Mayor should not only juggle these options and keep a healthy treasury, but should also listen to the citizens. A Mayor that does not hear what the citizens have to say, is not a good Mayor.

Tax Term Violation Notifications
Once per week, the Mayor should send out tax term violation notifications. The Mayor does this by clicking a special link at the bottom of every district. This will PMail all citizens who have not paid their taxes for at least 3 terms.
Land names marked in RED have not paid taxes for 3 terms.
Land names in RED and ITALICS have not paid taxes for 5 terms.

Property Repossession
Properties for which a citizen has not paid taxes for 5 consecutive terms can be repossessed. The Mayor can do this by visiting the violating property and clicking a special repossess link.

What happens during repossession?
$50,000 per land deed worth of the property will be deposited back to the original owner.
The property now falls under the ownership of the city.
After an undetermined amount of time, within 24 hours, the property will be placed for sale, at a low price of only $75,000 PB per land deed. Only citizens who do not have a property yet can purchase the repossessed land. 
During the purchase, the city will gain $250 per deed value of the property.

Federation Proposal for City Improvement
On the 18th day of every month, all mayors are allowed to submit one proposal to the Power Federation. This proposal will generally entail a new Benefit or Service.
One of the proposals will be accepted every month.

Proposal Rules and Guidelines
Proposals have to be complete. This means they have to describe the issue or matter, along with a solution and cost breakdown. Incomplete or incoherent proposals will not be taken into consideration.

Note: This is all from the Power Federations Mayor Rules

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