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Powerpet People


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Now its time to adopt a pet.  You can adopt up to four pets, one pet per month.  This is because pets on Powerpets are a lot more demanding than on other sites.

There are three different pounds to choose from and one Shelter, one in each city (I'll come to the cities later):

Each pound has animal species relating to the continent that the city is in.  For instance Kimberoo is in Australia there you can get a Crocodile, Koala etc.  Or in New Barkston you can get a Sheepdog or Holand Lop, plus various other aminals.


                       Here is the  New Barkston Shelter                   

The pets that are currently available are:

  • Dogs:-English Sheepdog, Samoyed, Labrador Retreiver, Kuvasz, Collie, Bulldog, Mastif
  • Cats:- Main Coone, Somali
  • Wild Cats:- Tiger, Leopard
  • Fox:- Red Fox, Gray Fox
  • Apes:- Loris, Orangutan, Gibbon
  • Bear:- Red Bear, Panda
  • Other:- Holland Lop(rabbit), Ferret, Japanese Crane(bird), Wolverine, Tibetan Yak, Indicus(elephant), Kangeroo, Crocodile, Koala

Looking after your pet on Powerpets is a bit more demanding than on other rival sites.  If you don't look after them properly they could run away or even worse die.

On the navigation bar at the top of the page will be a pet meter that will tell you when your pet needs feeding and playing with.  How much your pet will need to eat or play depends on how active on the site you are.  The more you move about the site the more bored and hungry your pet will be.  When the bar is in the green your pet is okay.  In the orange and it could do with playing with or feeding.  In the red and you'd better be quick cos your pet is feeling very hungry or lonely and bored.

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